Video Compression

At Magnetic Image, we’ve been compressing web video for more than a decade, so we know how to make your files small without sacrificing quality. Plus we started as a video production company, so we understand video formats.

What exactly is video compression and how does it work? You’ve probably used compression programs like Zip or Stuffit to reduce the size of files for e-mailing. Video compression is basically the same thing. It compresses, or reduces the size of a video file by removing unnecessary data, then it decompresses the file for playback.

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But codecs, video formats and video players are complex. They can be mixed in thousands of ways. Pick the wrong combination and your video can look bad or even fail to play.


Advanced compression codecs make files small enough to play at varying internet connection speeds while delivering amazing quality. We can make sure you videos look good and play smoothly for site visitors

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