Online Instruction & Training for Employees, Members or Students…

If you’re still using traditional classroom instruction for all your training, you’re missing out on a great way to decrease costs and improve employee or student performance.

Advantages Include:

  • E-learning systems can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, day or night.
  • E-learning can reduce the need for travel and in many cases removes the need for classroom-based training, both of which reduce cost.
  • With an online learning management system, tracking student progress is built-in.
  • Online learning is green. The need for paper-based assessments is reduced and sometimes eliminated. Not to mention eliminating the need for classroom environments that use electricity, heat, air conditioning and need cleaning and upkeep.
  • Online training is flexible and can give employees and students the freedom to learn at their own convenience and at a pace that is right for them.
  • E-learning courses can be made available for everyone, not just specific departments, which can encourage employees and students to broaden their knowledge and skills.
  • Regardless of how good your teachers might be, e-learning allows you to create a standardized process and guarantees consistency in the delivery of content.
  • E-learning lets students fail without the fear of embarrassment and can be setup so that assignments and tests can be taken multiple times without penalty.
  • Access to online content is constant, so it’s easy to go back and refresh knowledge.
  • With E-learning, it’s easy to setup forums, wikis and blogs that encourage sharing and community discussion.

If you’re interested in setting up an online learning environment, contact us to discuss your needs.